Digital Asset Management

Easy-to-use DAM – incorporated with project collaboration, UI libraries, and brand guidelines

Why is it so DAM important?

Save time

Save time by sharing brand material between internal and external stakeholders, without any hassle or boundaries.

Lower maintenance costs

Streamline onboarding and platform maintenance; ensure smooth access to new users, and enjoy automatic updates.

Faster rollouts

Share all types of assets with associates, partners, and vendors. Maintain versioning control and assign rights for all asset types.

Smart search combined with multifaceted filters

No more playing hide-and-seek with your brand assets

Smart search with customized filters

Utilize a more intelligent search function to increase efficiency, helping you locate the right asset immediately. Find the suitable assets quickly, based on your own customized filters, and facets – such as industries, markets, objects, targets, and campaigns – or simply red, blue, yellow, or pink.

Protect assets and determine expiration dates

Stay in control of your assets

Set up download requests and asset lifecycles

Activate the download request function to protect your assets, ensuring that they are used the right way. You grant the permission. Easily deal with expired assets by defining an expiry date, and action. You can also determine from when one can start accessing an asset.

Image resizing, automated rendering, and sharing

How you want it – for whoever you want it

Spearheaded asset management

Frontify offers automated resizing of images, according to your needs, or based on channels. Share your assets with safe invite-links, allowing any stakeholder to access specific collections or folders only. Set image licenses to all your assets directly when uploading. Create custom metadata for your digital assets; define information like validity, retention dates, text, numbers, and much more.

Design collaboration and governance

Involve your team in a cloud-based Workflow

Don't rely on just one person – keep it in the cloud

A successful DAM doesn’t end with a powerful media and asset library. Store files securely in the Media Library while using the Workspace, integrated with Sketch, to collaborate on design with interdisciplinary teams, both internally and externally.

Continuous improvements

We're always working on adding new features

Vodafone and the Frontify DAM

"As we started using Frontify, we could immediately benefit from a much faster onboarding, integrating our internal and external stakeholders in the process through an interactive platform holding all our media assets in one central place.

What else?

Flexible cloud storage expansion

Frontify lives within massively reliable data centers throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the USA. Storage capacity can be expanded at any time.

Inherent backups and redundancy

There is no need for you ever to lose or misplace an asset ever again. Always have your assets in one place, and always find it there.

Increased control

When establishing a DAM, you're able to control and manage your digital media in a more reliable way – preventing potential misuse, and eliminating the risk of losing your assets in a local folder; it's always there, centrally secured.

Expand your DAM

We've created a scalable brand management suite

Allow your asset management to prosper

Obtaining a DAM is a great way to empower your teams to do their tasks better, and faster. By doing so, you'll soon recognize that there is more to consider; Connecting digital assets to guidelines, digital pattern libraries, and a proper collaboration environment helps you in building unified brand experiences across all channels.

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