Frontify Brand Portal

The scalable gateway to all your brand definitions, uniting your brand under one roof.

Why is a Brand Portal important?


Allow your entire team to benefit from knowing exactly what to use where, how, and when. Always.

Single source of truth

Gather all your brand definitions in one place, providing your everyday life with streamlined simplicity.


Document your brand, search and find assets, collaborate on design – everything online – with just one software.

Cloud-based Brand Portal

The scalable SaaS gateway to your online brand definitions

Everything online

No installations, no trouble. Give your team direct access to your brand world in a matter of seconds.

User friendly

Your Brand Portal is up and running in no-time. The learning curve is practically nonexistent, providing direct access.

Scalable and customizable

Choose your underlying products, create a personal gateway, and get started – no engineering required.

Beautiful access points from your personal cover page

Get your UI up and running in no-time, no coding skills required


The cover page is your primary access point to all your brand definitions. Provide your team with custom touchpoints made from scratch, or from predefined templates.

Fully customizable

Create a beautiful and fully responsive gateway to your brand assets. Structure the home of your brand with inline editing – add anything – text, pictures, or videos.

Unite your teams

No matter if you're sitting halfway around the world, the Frontify Brand Portal connects all your internal and external team members with the entirety of your brand world.

Holistically search through your entire brand

Find anything you need from your brand world in no-time

Smart search

Utilize our smart search to explore your entire brand in an instance. Look for patterns, designs, metadata, or anything else that’s part of your brand world. It’s quick and easy, saving you time and effort in your everyday life.

The living Brand Portal

Allow external stakeholders to quickly access your brand world

Quick and transparent

No more time-consuming onboarding rituals – get invited, log in, and enter the world of your brand. New coworkers or external stakeholders can easily request access – instantly connecting with your team.

More than just documentation

Collaborate on design and create responsive prototypes

Streamline your work

Collaborate on design with clever task and approval tools. Provide live prototypes, and streamline your team's work processes by implementing a surrounding collaboration tool, seamlessly integrated with Sketch.

Your CI guidelines at the core

Document your brand – allowing everyone to be on the same page

The importance of brand definitions

By using the Frontify Style Guide, documenting the exact usage of your logos, fonts, pictures, patterns, and everything else that is of importance to your brand, you'll drastically minimize future mishaps, and improve efficiency.

Document your digital brand world

Enrich your code with context – allowing your patterns to be reused

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Use our Pattern Library to document your code snippets, allowing others to understand and reuse it. Work in your local environment and export your code directly into Frontify, through our Node API – see your code come alive directly in Frontify.

Analyze the use of your brand

Track usage and create better content based on analytics

See what works

Get a straightforward overview of what is being used. See which team uses what, track visitors, downloads, views, and much more – allowing you to understand your brand world a little bit better.

Vodafone's Brand Portal

"By including a central platform such as Frontify, we could profoundly increase consistency and improve the workflow with branded media and design. The Frontify Brand Portal and Media Library provides a fully responsive and customizable interface, sitting in the core of our brand".

What else?


Simplify the access for all your employees by using Single-Sign-On.

Readily available

Setting your environment up is quick and simple – anyone can do it.


Enjoy daily backups, dedicated databases, and SSL encryption.

Multi-brand structure

Manage all your brands in one place – it’s fully scalable.

Multi-language support

Support your international business with multi-language support.

Much more

We listen to you. We always look to improve and expand Frontify for your advantage.

Connect your brand world

We've created a scalable brand system

Allow your brand world to prosper

Your Brand Portal connects your entire Frontify product suite – giving you direct access points to all your brand material. It’s highly scalable, and gives you the opportunity to add whatever is needed to do your job easier, quicker, and more fun.

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