Design Workflow

Specify Designs, Create Prototypes & Collaborate Visually

Digital Asset Management

Frontify Workspace is all about design collaboration for creative teams: online storage, versioning, sharing and commenting.

Visual Dropbox

Frontify supports all design related files. Beside of the graphic standards like PNG, JPG we also support specific formats like Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG, PDF and even more.

Visual Documentation

Use Frontify to document your designs and images. Share your design project or single files with others and explain your design thoughts to reduce the cross team confusion. Add annotations to designs and start a visual discussion.

Manage Access & Share

Define which persons have access to your design assets. Choose between three simple permission rights: view, comment & edit. Allow access per project or share single files with a generated link.

Visual Design Collaboration

Stop the rising amount of Emails by writing specific and in-context feedback directly on the design.

Visual Feedback & Discussion

The greatest people have even greater advisors. Gather valuable & specific feedback on mockups, graphics or designs. You'd be amazed to see how efficiently you can prioritize your tasks.

Visual Tasklist

Use Frontify to add & share annotations on your designs. Reduce the noise of chaotic tasks lists and create your visual task list. Resolve finished tasks with one click and keep track of your annotation history.

Notifications & Integrations

Get instant notifications (via Email, Slack, HipChat, etc.) about new comments, uploads and other events. Boost your workflow and integrate Frontify Workspace with over 400+ other apps via Zapier.

Design Iteration & Approval Workflow

Never think about versioning and synchronization again. Simply upload / sync your design iterations - the rest is taken care of.

Design Versioning

Upload your design iterations and demonstrate to your clients your progress with the revision history. Switch between versions and make changes visible for the complete team.

Approval Workflow

Sometimes there's only something in the way before you start implementing: a clear go. Get your approval by clients, project managers or whoever is responsible, simply with one click.


Prototyping & Presentations

Impress your team or clients by showing them an interactive prototype and the functionality of your wireframes or designs.

Touch Gesture Support

Astonish your client by building an interactive prototype which can be used with touch gestures on tablets or smartphones. If you make your client smile like a playing child, you've gained a strong supporter for your project.

Presentation Mode

What is the best way to demonstrate designs or web projects? Surprise your clients with the integrated prototype & design presentation mode. Note their questions, comments or feedback while presenting, directly in Frontify.

Involve Clients

Make your clients happy by involving them into your project. Choose between several permission levels or simply share a private link to a specific design or prototype — and disable the link whenever you want.

UX & Design Specifications

Help developers to understand how to implement a software, design or app project. Accurate UX specifications for a clear design-to-development handover.

Specify Design & Interactions

Document Colors, Typography, Measures, Grids, Interactions and more. Defining and measuring your designs and UI (user interface) components manually is a time consuming exercise - Frontify faciliates that by providing one-click specifications.

Don't search — Find!

Even the best and most accurate specification is useless when it's not findable. Frontify boosts your development process by providing you the colors, fonts & measures where you need it, when you need it.

Responsive Specifications

The most internet content is accessed from a mobile. Is your web project aligned for mobile users? With Frontify you can define breakpoints and specify responsive designs for every devices.

Design & Code Married

Don't search for design documents any longer: Access in-context design specifications to develop incredibly fast.

Live Editor

Code your designs & UI components directly in the live code editor by using HTML, CSS or JavaScript. See the results on the same screen and compare it to the provided designs, wireframes or mockups.

Specs are where you are

Fun up your development process and forget about reading specs to get started. All your specifications are right where you need them: directly in the code editor right beside the live preview & design comparison - everything is in one place.

Synchronized UI Component Library

Build up your library of user interface components and synchronize them with your code repository. With the GitHub integration it's even easier to collaborate with others on front-end web projects.

Frontify Workspace

What else is there to know?

Data Ownership

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Continuous Improvement

We continuously work on Frontify and add new features.
All the improvements come with no extra costs.

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