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Frontify Publisher

Simplifying the creation of marketing collaterals

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Create on-brand marketing material

The creation of marketing collaterals at the tip of your fingers

Create it once, use it always

Centralize your brand visuals, and give them life, without ever leaving the Frontify ecosystem. We allow you to quickly build on-brand marketing material – across every channel – online or offline. Create actionable design templates once, and have interdisciplinary teams establish marketing material coupled with your predefined brand guidelines, colors, fonts, and media assets.

Why use the Frontify Publisher?


Create design templates one time only, and have all interdisciplinary teams use them the exact way you intended them to be used – giving you more time to do other things.


Move your entire marketing material production to the cloud, available for every stakeholder, and connect it to brand guidelines and asset libraries – one source of brand consistent truth.

Streamlining the creation process

The end of back-and-forths and hidden design folders

Creating templates

Build design templates in your preferred design ecosystem, and share them with interdisciplinary teams, allowing them to create on-brand content, with customized can-dos and restrictions.

Using templates

Experience a wide variety of brand-consistent design templates, enabling you to create marketing material for different markets: your ideas, with the magic touches of your designer already in place.

Helping you help yourself

Satisfy your marketing needs with design templates

You’re in charge

Just click the lock icon to define what should be frozen, or changeable: texts, fonts, colors, or pictures. Use the in-app analytics to see who uses what, when, and how often.

Share your vision

Use predefined templates to create designs. Export them in a wide variety of formats, and publish them to social media, as ad banners, billboards – whatever you might need.

Bringing print and web together

Everything you need for online and offline

Publisher for online

Create material for social media, ad campaigns, web banners, or any other type of assets needed for your online brand world. Use Sketch designs as templates; upload several artboards at once – perfect for multi-channel social media marketing.

Publisher for offline

Design templates for business cards, billboards, brochures, flyers, or any other type of print material. Use InDesign for production-ready PDF templates. Add crop or bleed marks, and render it in the Adobe InDesign Server.

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