US Co-Lead / General Manager / Head of Sales
Location: New York

Develop our US office and expand our business!

We’re soon expanding to the US, actually to New York. We’re looking for someone who can lead the office, recruit, and, of course, do sales. And much more. A unicorn, so to say.

In the beginning, you'll be a team of two people: you and another long-time Frontify executive. After a few months, you'll take over the full responsibility.

You’ll be the bridge between Frontify in Switzerland and the US. To really immerse into the Frontify family you’ll work a few weeks in our headquarters in St. Gallen before you lift off to NYC.

Your Job
Organize, lead, and sell!
  • You manage all operations within the US.
  • You build and manage a strong Frontify US team (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Support).
  • You do sales yourself (a lot).
  • You’re our bridge to the US – culturally, legally, and in all other aspects.
  • You do reporting and financial planning.
  • And many more things that you'll define yourself.

Your Skills
Organizing, leading, selling.
  • You’ve got a solid educational background.
  • You’re a native English speaker.
  • You know both the US and the European cultures.
  • You have all the skills you need to build up, run, and develop our US subsidiary (organizational, legal, etc.).
  • You’re a coordinator, coach, recruiter, team builder – a leader.
  • You’re the "empathetic consultant" sales-type (not the trashy, aggressive one).
  • Ideally, you’ve got a background in SaaS, branding, sales, digital; or in all of them. :)

Your Benefits
Freedom and responsibility.
  • The opportunity to learn and grow with the company.
  • The perspective to build up your team / your office / a whole market.
  • Honesty and trust. No commission, no bonus, no elbow mentality.
  • Freedom 1: once we know each other, you do your thing and are fully responsible.
  • Freedom 2: we're all grown-ups; no time or holiday tracking (but take at least 5 weeks off per year).

What is Frontify?
Frontify is a fast-growing company based in St. Gallen (Switzerland) with 75 people currently on board. We create an all-in-one brand management software, increasing brand consistency through centralized platform collaboration – for big businesses and small.
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