Frontend Developer (Marketing)
Location: St. Gallen

Do you also look at beautiful things and go “woah”?

Your team:
We’re looking for a developer to help out in the Marketing Team – where more and more "programming" tasks arise. You'll work with an interdisciplinary team of marketers, designers, and video producers. More in your realm, we have another developer, and you could support each other in the development of your skills. This is an ideal position for a talented and ambitious developer who has already coded a few years. At some point, you might transition into working on the product, if this is your (mid-term) ambition.

You’ll do:
Support the Marketing Team and their growth experiments | Create landing pages | Integrate third-party tools | Maintain our website | Work with different APIs and utilize them to solve technology-related challenges | Bring in your personality | And many more things which we don't even know that they will come up.

Here are some fancy skills you might/hopefully know about: 
HTML | CSS | JavaScript | PHP | English and/or German | MySQL databases | Business/Marketing affinity.

You are:
A design aesthete | Authentic | Always honest | Self-motivated | Willing and able to learn | Efficient | Curious | Approachable. (This is not just a list of nice sounding words, we really mean it).

What the team says:
“Our website is visited by tens of thousand people monthly, which is kind of awesome.”
"You get instant feedback for what you do: from team members or from our customers."
"In this role, I have the chance to code – but also to look into Marketing, and my team members all have different backgrounds."
“I don’t like admin stuff – luckily there is none of that here.”

Let’s get to the good stuff already, right? We’ll give you:
A context to develop your skills | Impact and responsibility | An interdisciplinary team | Flexibility (like a lot) |  A cozy office among the mountains | Inspiring colleagues | Happiness | A new family :)

What is Frontify?
Frontify is a fast-growing company based in St. Gallen (Switzerland) with 75 people currently on board. We create all-in-one brand management software, increasing brand consistency through centralized platform collaboration – for big businesses and small.
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