Your Digital Acceleration How to Guide

The secrets to producing quality fast

About the author
Paul Boag is a highly esteemed expert in digital transformation, user experience and design thinking.

About this eBook

As digital becomes increasingly business critical, organisations are struggling to keep up with the rate of change. There is so much that they need to achieve online, but resources are limited. It is time to start working smarter.

  • Why digital projects are different
  • How to work in a more digital-friendly way
  • Why you should establish design principles
  • Creation and ownership of a Pattern Library
  • How to start creating your service manual

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What’s inside?

Bring Order to
Your Digital Chaos

Chapter 1

Many organizations have a somewhat ad hoc approach to developing and managing their digital channels. In this chapter we're identifying ways of working smarter.

Working to Kill Waste
and Boost Your Returns

Chapter 2

Most digital teams are all too aware of the fact that they do not work as efficiently as they could. However, not all of those shortcomings are down to them. In this chapter, we'll tell you more.

Introducing Robust Design Principles to Improve Focus

Chapter 3

Because of the relatively new nature of digital, most organizations lack the culture and set of processes designed for it. In this chapter, we'll tell you about the solution; design principles.

Design Systems and Building With Reusability in Mind

Chapter 4

Did your website and digital channels just grow organically? Do they look like a poorly tended garden, out of control and wild? In this chapter, we'll tell you how design systems can bring order to that chaos.

How to Organise and Scale Your Digital Offering

Chapter 5

The bigger the company, the more the complexity. For digital, this means more stakeholders, more considerations, and more projects. In this chapter, we'll tell you about digital frameworks and procedures.

Slow Down to Speed Up

Chapter 6

As digital is becoming more and more business critical, we need to improve digital efficiency. Before we can do that however, we need to have strong governance in place to support it. Learn more in our chapter.