Welcome, Susann!


Sue might be short, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in sheer willpower, German directness, and love for beer. She’s our super friendly metalhead who will tell you when you've screwed up, but always with a smile on her face.


Let's get to know Susann, shall we?
Here's her favorite...


Death (metal band – developed only in small ways over the years – e.g., once there was a small spider-web, then it disappeared, but many didn't even realize).


Place in St Gallen:
My future flat :D

Food in St Gallen:
Focacceria – 1st Frontify Ladies Night :D

Part of the office:
The kitchen – best spontaneous meet and greet place.

Personal skill:
Staying positively positive.

Very difficult to decide... Anything from death metal and stoner rock, up to bands like Die Antwoord, or old school hip-hop. But an all-time favorite, a song I would always choose on a jukebox, would be Walk by Pantera.

Strange thing about herself:
Well, I’m a small sized, nice and cute woman – so sometimes people don’t expect that I can be pushy as well and address what concerns/upsets me. In short: I’m the kinda girl that tells you off with a smile, and go for a beer with you afterwards.

Brand management software starting with F:
Fudging fabulous Frontify.

PS: Would you like to join our team? www.frontify.com/jobs

Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg Content Marketing Manager at Frontify
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