Welcome, Sandro!


Sandro is a patient football freak with a deeply rooted love for FC St. Gallen. He doesn't really care for music or similar trivialities, but when it comes to the divine beauty of the Olympic Rings – he's sold.


Let's get to know Sandro, shall we?
Here's his favorite...

Adidas – As a kid I had to choose between Adidas and Nike for my first football shoes, I chose Adidas and never regretted it.

The Olympic Rings – simple but meaningful.

#00793e – beautiful FC St. Gallen green!

Place in St Gallen:
3 Weihern.

Food in St Gallen:
Winter = Fonduebeizli, Summer = everywhere where you can buy a brodwurscht.

Part of the office:
Ping-Pong table.

Personal skill:
Staying calm in stressful and hectic situations.

Music doesn’t play a huge role in my life – I love to go to all kinds of openairs and festivals though :)

Strange thing about himself:
People which are munching too loud while eating an apple are driving me crazy!!!

Brand management software starting with F:
Is this even a question? ;)

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Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg Chief Scribbler at Frontify
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