Welcome Remo and Fabienne!


We’re thrilled to announce that two fantastic people are joining us for our journey. Fabienne Klauser will lead agency relations to bring the power of Frontify into creative agencies and our product team grows with an outstanding front-end expert, Remo Brunschwiler.

Remo Brunschwiler joins as Front-End Development Lead

Our product is core for our business and we have a lot on our roadmap. Besides making our product an even more enjoyable experience, we have a few awesome things to announce in 2016. As we want to keep a focus on user experience, we just got ourselves one of the very best in business to bring Frontify to the next level.

Over the past 10 years, Remo acquired plenty of experience in developing user experiences for large customers at Namics, the leading swiss digital agency. Known as a JavaScript expert, he also invented a popular open source library for clean modularization of front-end code - TerrificJS. At Frontify, one of our focus areas is building tools for pattern libraries, Remo is the perfect match for leading these efforts. More importantly, besides being a coding wizard, he is a lovely person living with his two boys and his wife in the heart of St. Gallen. If he is not playing lego with his sons he enjoys playing guitar and strolling around the cities of the world. We're glad to have you on board, Remo!

Fabienne Klauser joins as Agency Relations Manager

Frontify's product includes tools for creating and distributing style guides and the collaboration in digital projects. A perfect set for most agencies and brand consultancies in the world. While gathering a lot of traction at the company market, we want to bring the relations to agencies also to the next level. Fabienne leads the process of shaping our agency offerings and spreads the word about how agencies can bring digital brand management to their customers.

Fabienne has gained very valuable knowledge and insights about the industry and the creative business while working for numerous creative agencies in Switzerland. Fabienne loves living in our homebase St. Gallen and visits punk & rock concerts from time to time. She also likes cooking and playing soccer - looks like the perfect fit for us :) A warm welcome to you, Fabienne!

The Story Continues

We will continue to grow our team with top talents over the coming months, strengthening our skills and mindsets in various areas. Our schedule for this year is packed with things you’ll love. Stay tuned.

Andreas Fischler
Andreas Fischler CEO at Frontify
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