Welcome, Rahulan!


Rahul has a thing for Greek food, failing football clubs, Jamaican music, and sweets. When he's not playing table tennis or hanging out on our third floor – he appreciates dark stuff – like Batman, coffee, and #000000.


Let's get to know Rahul, shall we?
Here's his favorite...

Nike. Those Joga Bonito ads had me from day one.



Place in St Gallen:
The bench on Böcklinstrasse, a few meters away from my flat – a nice view of St. Gallen.

Food in St Gallen:
Kostas der Grieche.

Part of the office:
3rd floor – great place to catch up with others, have a coffee and play table tennis.

Personal skill:
Always up for dessert.

Three little birds – Bob Marley.

Strange thing about himself:
Supporting a football team which keeps disappointing me.

Brand management software starting with F:
Frontify! :)

PS: Would you like to join our team? www.frontify.com/jobs

Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg Content Marketing Manager at Frontify
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