Welcome, Raffael!


Another surfer boy joined our crew. Even though Raffael is an FC Basel supporter (he told us after we hired him), he seems to be a nice guy. Raffael desires nothing more than eating burgers with Basler Daig-buns – while overlooking the majestic St. Gallen skyline. Oh, and who wants to buy his useless motorcycle?


Let's get to know Raffael, shall we?
Here's his favorite...

RipCurl – Live the Search.

The iconic Nike “Swoosh.”


Place in St Gallen:
3 Weihern – Although it’s pretty tricky to surf there.

Food in St Gallen:
Burgers and Fries at Stickerei. Everything the heart desires.

Part of the office:
The Frontify terraces with a breathtaking view of the St. Gallen skyline.

Personal skill:
I am used to work with tight schedules.

Riptide – Vance Joy.

Strange thing about himself:
Owning a motorcycle that I’m not allowed to drive.

Brand management software starting with F:

PS: Would you like to join our team? www.frontify.com/jobs

Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg Content Marketing Manager at Frontify
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