Welcome, Beat!


Beat is our new product manager. He’s a friendly surfer who looks just like Jean-Claude van Damme. Beat truly admires the straightforwardness of the Puma brand, revels in Latin flavors, and enjoys pretty much anything related to water.


Let's get to know Beat, shall we?
Here's his favorite...


Puma, it is what it is!

#339933. It's green, symmetric, and full of harmony.

Place in St Gallen:
Natural swimming pools in general: Drei Weieren (St. Gallen), and Unterer Letten (Zurich).

Food in St Gallen:
Spanischer Club (Hogar Español).

Part of the office:
Looking forward to our "out of office days". Once a month we choose a cool location – out in the wild – to work from.

Personal skill:
Shredding waves.

Everybody loves the sunshine, by Roy Ayers.

Strange thing about himself:
Some people mistake me for Jean-Claude van Damme, and ask for an autograph.

Brand management software starting with F:
Let me think... Frontify!

PS: Would you like to join our team? www.frontify.com/jobs

Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg Content Marketing Manager at Frontify
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