We move forward! Two more superheroes are joining Frontify


We are very excited to welcome Markus as our managing director Germany & Daniel as the new lead of our design team in our growing Frontify family.

New guys here! Markus and another Daniel

Daniel is a very experienced designer with a strong background in UX Design. He will help us to enhance the user experience of our app and strengthen our own journey to be consistent over all our communication channels, including the design of the long-awaited Frontify give-away socks.

Markus has his roots in business informatics and worked many years as a management consultant and managing director for Namics Germany, one of Europe's leading internet agencies. He will start up and manage our brand new office in Frankfurt as part of our internationalization efforts.

It’s a honour and a pleasure to have you fantastic guys on board!

PS: Stay tuned! We will be posting some more jobs in the next couple of days here www.frontify.com/jobs

Andreas Fischler
Andreas Fischler CEO at Frontify
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