The Frontify Team grows further:
Welcome Silvan!


We’re speeding up and bringing Frontify to an even more comprehensive brand management platform for the digital age. Therefore, we also need some great people to tell our story. That’s exactly the point where Silvan comes in :)

The Frontify Team grows further: Welcome Silvan!

Silvan brings a deep knowledge for enterprise customers to our team and will lead enterprise sales and account management at Frontify. With him, another fantastic guy joins us on our way to help businesses improve their brand consistency over all communication channels.

Since we knew Silvan before, we also know that he is a really nice, intelligent, decent and honest person. That fits exactly to the kind of people we want us to join. A warm welcome to you Silvan! Keep it flowing!

Andreas Fischler
Andreas Fischler CEO at Frontify
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