Smooth sailing with the new Frontify navigation


With our next release, we’ll make some user interface changes to further streamline your everyday work with Frontify, which also creates space for future ideas. Here’s what will change.

Simplifying the navigation

Frontify allows you to document and structure your brand, which is why we wanted to create a more structured way for you to navigate through the app as well. That’s why we decided to rework and improve the Frontify dashboard. For example, seeing that your guidelines are the single source of truth for brand related touchpoints, it only seemed fitting that they got their very own spotlight. Therefore, we’ve given them their own section. To further simplify the navigation, we’ve added separate sections for projects, and libraries (such as media libraries and pattern libraries). Even though these views are now split up, the interconnectedness of our products will stay the same.

New navigation overview

Universal filter options

We’ve added filter options for every single view of the Frontify dashboard. This helps you find your brands, guidelines, and projects even faster.

A single place to create exciting new stuff

You have great ideas – and we wanted to enable you to easily bring them to life. With that in mind, we stuck the “New” button to the top-right throughout the entire app. You can trigger all your main actions from there. The same is true for actions on assets, such as ‘share’ and ‘download’ – they’re now conveniently placed at the top-right of the app.

Improved asset browser

We redesigned the asset browser to create a more consistent experience in your project spaces. The card preview of images gives your assets more air to breathe, and you can instantly see the statuses assigned to folders. We’ve further improved the asset upload experience, made loading times faster, and you’ll get more visual feedback right where you need it.

Improved asset browser

Improved search

The new search functionality shows results in a much more visual way. Assets are now displayed in categories, which makes it easier to understand when something is listed by its title, location (such as a folder), or tag. Ultimately, this will help you find your assets quicker.

New search

Ready for the feature

All these improvements and clean-ups also generates some blank spots in the application’s UI. But instead of seeing them as just blank spots, we see them as opportunities. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

We hope you’ll enjoy the latest updates,
Your Frontify team

Michael J. Müller
Michael J. Müller Product Manager at Frontify
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