Our German office is growing – Welcome Farnoush!


Let's give a hand for our new Enterprise Sales Manager in Germany; Farnoush. She was born in Iran and grew up in the Frankfurt area, quickly becoming a real "Frankfurter Mädsche".


After working at digital and creative agencies for a couple of years, gaining loads of experience in working with local and global brands, she decided to join us in our Frankfurt office.

Believing that brand consistency across all channels is one of the keys to turning a company’s customers into brand lovers – she considers Frontify as the right platform for our clients to take their first steps on that journey.

Filled with wanderlust, Farnoush loves discovering new countries, cities, and places. When she's not traveling the planet, she enjoys exploring Frankfurt and its pleasant surroundings, or simply savoring a good book at home.

Welcome, Farnoush! It's great to have you onboard.

PS: Would you like to join our team? www.frontify.com/jobs

Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg Content Marketing Manager at Frontify
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