May 2017 - Product Roundup


At Frontify, we continuously strive to add new and exciting features.

1. Media Library - improved tag management

We’ve improved the way you can tag assets in your Media Library. Existing tags are displayed first, and the visual experience now matches our Unity style.

Improved Tag Management

2. Workspace - better upload experience

Uploading multiple large sizes files just became much smoother. Assets are now handled asynchronously, provided with feedback concerning their upload statuses.

Better Upload Experience

4. Workspace - improved folder sorting

TWe've improved folder sorting. Folders can now be ordered by drag-and-drop, resulting in a much sleeker UX.

Improved PDF Upload

4. Workspace - improved PDF upload

This feature temporarily dropped out with Unity – it’s now back and improved – allowing you to either split a PDF or upload it as a single file.

Improved PDF Upload

5. Enterprise suite - CSV export of users

It’s now possible to export the user base to a CSV file, e.g., for use in third-party newsletter tools. This feature is currently only enabled for enterprise customers.

Michael J. Müller
Michael J. Müller Product Manager at Frontify
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