Another Code Ninja for Frontify


As part of our journey, I am happy to welcome the very talented Marc Oertle at Frontify. Marc is joining our product team as a Back-End Developer to help us reach our ambitious goals with his wide-range skills.

Another Code Ninja for Frontify

While working on client projects at a leading swiss web agency for 9 years, Marc developed himself into an experienced code ninja. He became an expert in Drupal and built dozens of APIs and large consumer-facing web applications. His “always happy” attitude makes us feel good and a better team. Besides managing the switch from PC to Mac, Marc enjoys goals from Manchester United and never says “No” to another beer, it’s such a pleasure to have you on board man!

Marc is already driving our efforts in adding magic features to Frontify. You may have already gotten to know Marc, if you’ve asked for support. If not, just say hi, it’s worth it :)

Find out more about Marc by following him on Twitter.

Roger Dudler
Roger Dudler CTO at Frontify
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