Among crystal lakes, enclosed by misty mountains; we simplify the life of branding by gathering all essential tools in the clouds above, built and sustained by the collected power of chäschüechli eating professionals from all corners of the world.

We provide joyful simplicity; collaboration is our core.

We are Swiss at heart and global in mind.

We dream big, but we aim higher.

We embrace and inspire change.

We are transparent, respectful and fair – embodying quality through creation – always.

We are in St. Gallen Switzerland

Frontify AG
Unterstrasse 4
9000 St. Gallen

We are in Frankfurt a.M. Germany

Frontify Deutschland GmbH
c/o WeWork, Neue Rothofstr. 13-19
60313 Frankfurt a.M.



Where we come from

The intention for Frontify came clear back in 2013. I wanted to transition businesses into the digital age of brand management, providing scalable solutions, ensuring brand consistency and constant validation. Today, when you’re talking about branding – Frontify is the key. It’s where the magic happens. It’s the place where you find, share, discuss and connect everything concerning your brand in a central hub – equipped with a toolset that sits in the heart of your brand.

Roger Dudler, Founder

Where we are heading

Looking at Frontify in 2018, we have come a long way. We’ve grown exponentially since we’ve pivoted and launched the Style Guide product back in 2015. Thousands of people started using Frontify, including some of the world’s biggest multinational enterprises. As we continuously expand our market, opening new offices and employing experts from across the globe, it’s important that we remain Swiss at heart – inventive, quality driven and reliant. We strive to create a substantially engaging workplace, attracting the best people. With them, everything is possible.